Training for children and teenagers

The practice of Aikido 

  • Expansion of physical capacity and increase of attention;

  • Promotion of body tension, mobility and coordination;

  • Training of social behaviour, mutual consideration and the ability to work together;

  • strengthening of self-confidence.


16:30 - 17:30

Children 9 - 12 years


18:00 - 19:00

Teenagers 13 - 16 years


Children can participate at any time on a trial basis

in the training of their respective age group. 


Bring light sportswear and a towel with you the first time.


Trial lesson: 10 €


Contribution for children and young people: 37€ per month.

The contract can be terminated monthly.


Trial lesson, registration here >>

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Aikido training in Corona times

 Young people aged 15 and over who have not yet been fully vaccinated or recovered must present a current negative coronary test. 

In the entrance area, hands are disinfected and a face mask is worn.